Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical Transcription Job

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What is Medical Transcription?
The primary task of the medical transcriptionist is to transcribe audio format to text and proofread medical records.

Job Nature:
There are two stages in Medical Transcription. The first is the actual process of transcription by a medical transcriptionist. This is followed by proofreading and editing. And in second process Proofreaders and editors perform the following functions: Visual proofreading, Electronic spellcheck, Grammar check, Checking for medical inconsistencies and inaccuracies

The medical record – now in text form – is then routed back to the concerned doctor or hospital. Write, editing and proof read copy for client projects based on the material supplied by them.

Job Rates:
As a medical transcriptionist you can earn US $5 to 15 for per minute audio file or per 1000 words. Rates are depends on the work nature and accuracy levels.

Expected per month earning:
If you get an audio file for MT job with the rate of  US $5 per minute audio file. If you transcribed 10 audio files in a day than your calculated income for 25 days would be US$ 1250.

Excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation knowledge. Familiar with Medical terminology. Good listening skills. Ability to maintain work deadlines. Well understanding level in MS Office and other computer applications.

Sample Job Work:
Medical Transcription project materials will provided by our clients/partners to you in digitally (pre typed or audio file) form or in physically (hand written) form. If you want to know more about medical transcription job project process than you need to visit our sample project file page. Find a sample project file.

You will be paid directly by our client/partner companies. Once you reach the threshold limit of US $25, receive your earning by PayPal, Cheque or Online Money Transfer. Payments are made to you on 15th of every month. If your earning does not cross threshold point in a particular month in that condition your payment will carry on to next payment cycle. 

Registration is absolutely Free. There are No hidden charges before or after the joining.

Selection Procedure :
Submit your detail through online application form to the working committee. The profile will be reviewed by our specialist team. If they find you eligible, then you will be contacted by our team.

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