As individuals contribute their talents and energy to our company, the company becomes more effective. Our employees take personal responsibility to continually improve their skills and abilities. We offer an environment that encourages employees to expand their knowledge and seek new skills. We welcome innovation, encourage individual growth, and value excellence.

CJ Inc’s as a company make things easy for you. No negotiation, no meetings, No discussions with any company. You get the briefing from us and proceed with the job. Complete it, submit it and get the payments. We make all arrangements which in due course lessen our workload and increase our market value providing us with more opportunity leading to more money and involvement of more people. We work as mediator between you and the company from whom we get our Jobs. We help the parent company as well as generate jobs for many .

CJ Inc’s is a fast-paced, dynamic organization. We recruit and hire flexible people who thrive on change and challenge, who are innovative and self-confident, and who seek immediate responsibility. We seek professional candidates who demonstrate leadership ability, excellent communication skills, and strong academic performance and/or relevant professional experience.

Equal Employment Opportunity CJ Inc’s is an equal opportunity employer. We are dedicated to ensuring that all our decisions regarding the employment relationship, including matters pertaining to terms, conditions and privileges of employment, are in accordance with our principles of equal opportunity.

If you are looking for any Data Entry Services and in need of data outsourcing, then you are standing on right place because CJI are ready to meet your requirements. Outsourcing data entry and data processing requirements to us can help you save time and money. CJI are always updated with information of the people working with us.

As a matter of company policy, we will not discriminate against employees or applicants on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religious creed, age, sex, marital status, medical condition, sexual orientation, or physical disability.

Our success and rapid growth provide many unique career opportunities in an environment where you can grow. We encourage open communication, and value the contribution of new ideas from every employee.

Our fast-paced, industry demands new ideas and ways of approaching and solving problems and we understand that our employees make us the success we are today. That is why we reward our people for their contributions.Background Check

Background checks are an essential element of our pre-employment screening program. There is no excuse, legally or morally, for exposing our employees or customers to sex offenders or to those given to violence. All potential job applicants will be subject to background checks.